Her listes de projekter, der er afsluttet.


DeepAnon: Deep Data Anonymization for Large-scale Analysis of Text-heavy Data

The project addressed the issue of data privacy when researchers share datasets amongst each other and developed a novel automated approach, DeepAnon, to anonymization of unstructured text-heavy data. The goal of the project was to create a generic technique based on machine learning, which learns the anonymization function from a set of domain-relevant training data.

The project was led by Kristoffer L. Nielbo

From close-listening to distant-listening: Developing tools for large-scale analysis of (Danish) radio and audio media archives

This project was about developing tools for analyzing audio media content and in particular Danish music radio. It was based on the radio collection of The Royal Danish Library and was guided by the following two research questions:

‘How has the distribution of music and talk on DR’s radio channel P3 developed 1989-2019?’

‘Distribution of gender in the talk (and maybe also the music) on P3 1989-2019.’

The project was led by Iben Have

Probing a nation’s web domain: the historical development of the Danish web II

The project was guided by the following research question: What has characterised the Danish web and its development from 2005 onwards?  This project built upon the insights from the Pilot project P001: ‘Probing a nation’s web domain — the historical development of the Danish web’

The project was led by Niels Brügger.

Temporalities of the Danish Newspaper Sphere, 1749-1877

Based on two earlier studies investigating the textual constitution of time in digital media (both live and archived) this project focused on mapping and analysing how journalistic texts and formats historically have constituted interrelated temporalities. More specifically, the project investigated the emergence and development of temporal markers as well as their typography and relative positioning on the pages of a number of selected Danish newspapers from 1749 to 1877.

The project was led by Henrik Bødker

The historical development of tracking and e-commerce on the Danish Web

The purpose of the project was to map and analyse the historical development of two different (but related) technologies/functionalities on the Danish web:

  1. Tracking technologies (e.g. http and Flash cookies, beacons, fingerprinting, html web storage etc.), and
  2. Shopping baskets (e-commerce).

The project was led by Janne Nielsen